First Cumberland Welcomes you!

We are so glad you joined us for our Christmas Eve service, "Carols by Candlelight."  

If you don't have a church home, and you enjoyed the service this evening, we invite you to come visit!

We invite you to watch this short video featuring some of the members of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church sharing what it is they love about our church.  

We hope to see you soon!


"First Cumberland is very special to me, providing a welcoming church family and also inspiration for meaningful and special worship.  And the music is outstanding."

-Mrs. Emily Howard

"One of the many ways  First Cumberland is special to me is the traditional biblically-based worship services we have in our awe-inspiring sanctuary.  Knowing that my church family gathers to worship and share the journey is an encouragement to my faith. It's home." 

-Mrs. Linda Boran

"First Cumberland has been a part of my life now for over 60 years... it's woven itself in and out of various stages of my life and it's ministered to me in very significant ways through all that time.  The people have been wonderful but the best part of First Cumberland, I think, is the sanctuary.  Because you can go in there absolutely alone and... you can just sit there and feel God's presence with you and then when music is introduced into that space it gets even better.... it's probably almost as good as what it's going to be like in heaven when we get there."                            

-Mrs. Christy Cooper

"There are so many things to love about First Cumberland Presbyterian Church but the main thing that has always stuck out to me is the welcoming attitude and the community within our church and it's members. From the beginning of my time at this church, my family and I have felt so welcomed and loved by all of it's members and staff."

-Miss Sydney Twitchell

"Some of the things that we liked about First Cumberland is we were impressed by how beautiful the sanctuary is and we were impressed that when we first came the pastor came over and welcomed us....  he is very supportive... also the congregation is very friendly and loving... the music that they have is awesome.  They have a lot of guest musicians coming over providing a variety of different music.  There are plenty of outreach programs... the children's opportunities and programs are awesome."  

- Bill Buelow-